Mistakenly switched to a business account

Finally everything has been sorted out and that should be the end of the matter. I just wanted to say thanks for your help

The issue

Mr D had discovered his water company had mistakenly switched him from a domestic account to a business one. The company admitted its mistake and switched the account back straight away, but it took Mr D several months of chasing to receive a water bill. He eventually two bills, each with a different account number. Mr D questioned his company over this, and was told that his original account had been closed, although they were unable to explain why. They also informed Mr D that he was still liable for both bills. This is when he got in touch with CCW for help.

What we found

We asked his company to provide Mr D with an explanation as to why they had opened a second account. We also challenged it to provide information on all the payments they had received and which account had been credited with these. We asked that if any money had been applied to the incorrect account, this should be moved over to the correct one. The company was also told to provide clear evidence that it had removed Mr D from a business account. Finally we insisted that Mr D should be given a goodwill gesture for the confusion and time it had taken to rectify the company’s mistakes

Putting it right

Following our investigation, the company provided all the evidence we had requested for Mr D. They also cancelled the payment request for the closed account, meaning Mr D was in credit and all payments were up to date.

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