Incorrectly charged as a business customer

This is an excellent outcome, one that would not have been achievable without CCW’s involvement.

The issue

Mr L received an unexpectedly high bill which he felt was linked to recent work carried out in his street by his water company. Despite raising a complaint, Mr L heard nothing until a debt collection agency got in touch with him. He tried to contact his company again who offered £20 compensation. But this was quickly followed by a bill with a late payment charge and a threat of disconnection, despite it being a domestic property.

What we found

When we challenged his company they told us that the customer was ineligible for a leak allowance due to them having a business account.

We highlighted that the company had failed to fully investigate the main use of the property – despite having evidence that suggested that it was a home rather than a business.

Putting it right

Mr L’s water company responded to our pressure by de-registering it as a non-household property. We pointed out that Mr L should have received an allowance at the time given that he was a household customer. The company agreed and provided a leak allowance, as well as £120 as a gesture of goodwill – leaving Mr L’s account in credit.

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