Unusually high bill

I really would like to thank you, it has been such a stressful time and I felt so vulnerable, it is such a relief. Thank you so much for your help.

The issue

Ms D contacted us after receiving an unusually high bill from her water company. Her supplier investigated and established that there was no leak on the meter, neither was the meter on a shared supply, leaving two options – the meter was faulty or the customer had increased her water consumption.

What we found

We contacted the company and requested that they send us the customer’s meter readings and payment history for the last 12 months, while the meter was tested independently to establish if it was faulty. Following independent testing, no fault was found on the meter, however we argued that it could not be down to the customer’s usage as the increase was too large and did not fall in line with her previous meter readings.

Putting it right

Following our involvement, the water company agreed to grant a one-off allowance of £2,345 as a gesture of goodwill. Despite no leaks or faults being found, they agreed that the sudden and exceptionally large increase in water consumption was unlikely to be accurate. A new meter was also installed and new readings taken, which established that the customer’s usage was in line with her usual pattern.

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