Incorrectly billed as a business customer

Thank you, yet again you have come up trumps.

The issue

Ms B’s property had previously belonged to a large working farm; however since she purchased her home it no longer had a commercial element. Despite this, her property’s supply was taken over by a business water supplier. Her new supplier and previous supplier refused to de-register her supply as a business property as both stated that her property was classed as “mixed use” on council tax records.

What we found

We contacted both companies and highlighted Ofwat’s eligibility rules for switching, which states that if a premise is liable for council tax only then it should not be classified as a non-household account. Despite this, both companies still refused to change the classification of the property, so we referred the case to Ofwat for a final assessment.

Putting it right

Because of our investigation, Ofwat agreed with our recommendation and the customer’s property was transferred back to a domestic account. Ms B received a full refund of the charges taken as a business customer – which amounted to more than £2500 – and she is now being correctly billed by her supplier as a household customer.

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