General Election 2019 – what it means for our communications

The race for Number 10 is officially underway – and that has implications for a non-departmental public body like CCWater.

In the run-up to polling day on 12 December we’ll be limited in what we can say and do due to election period (purdah) restrictions and the need to make sure we remain completely impartial.

It means we might be a little bit quieter than usual as we won’t be able to publish any new research or press releases before the votes have been counted and we have a new Government elected.

However you can still count on us to provide support and advice to anyone who needs help resolving a query or complaint about their water and sewerage services.

Our website and social media channels will also continue to share great advice on everything from how to save water and money to making a complaint or comparing your water company’s performance with others.

If you’re a journalist we can still provide you with useful facts and figures from our deep pool of research but we won’t be able to offer an opinion or comment until after the election.

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