Water companies set out plans to thwart future droughts

Efforts to make sure there is enough water for the environment and future generations to thrive will be discussed when water companies meet with The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) in Croydon on Tuesday (October 29).

CCWater will be bringing together water companies from across the South East of England to discuss the steps they are taking to ensure a resilient water supply, now and in the future, in the face of climate change and population growth.

They will be joined by guest speaker Jean Spencer, Independent Chair of the National Water Resources Framework senior steering group, which is leading efforts to transform the way water resources are planned for and managed in the future for the good of all water users and the environment.

The South East of England is more susceptible to the risk of water shortages than any other part of the country and it is therefore essential that robust plans are in place to secure our current and future water supplies.

Sir Tony Redmond, London and South East Chair for CCWater, said: “Making sure there is enough water for current and future generations is probably the biggest challenge facing our water industry. Our lives and the world around us depend on water and all of us have a part to play in making sure there is enough to go around.”

The watchdog will also look at how companies can operate more transparently to increase trust among their customers. The meeting starts at 11am in the John Whitgift Community Cube, Fairfield Halls, in Croydon. There will be an opportunity for visitors to table questions.

If you would like to attend, please email Alison Townsend at Alison.Townsend@ccwater.org.uk

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