CCWater backs world’s first Unblocktober awareness month to save sewers and seas

The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) is pleased to be supporting Unblocktober, the world’s first awareness month aimed at protecting the UK’s sewers as it attempts to fight plastic pollution and fatbergs.

The campaign, which is led by Lanes Group plc, has been backed by the Environment Agency’s Love Water campaign, which is supported by over 40 organisations, including the Consumer Council for Water and Water UK.

Unblocktober challenges the British public to make small changes to their kitchen and bathroom habits for the whole calendar month of October, to establish new routines that will be much less harmful to the environment.

Over 1,000 people – a combination of individuals and organisations – have so far signed up to take part and commit to not putting any of the following down their sinks or loos:

● Cooking oil – pre or post-cooking
● Margarine
● Butter
● Lard
● Cooking sauces and condiments
● Food – even crumbs
● Wet wipes
● Tampons, applicators and wrappers
● Sanitary/menstrual pads and towels
● Nappies
● Condoms
● Cotton buds
● Contact lenses
● Bandages and plasters
● Razor blades
● Dental floss

Steve Grebby, policy manager at CCWater: “Thousands of people suffer the misery of sewage flooding their homes every year due to blocked pipes and in many cases it can be traced back to inappropriate items being put down the toilet or plughole. Just imagine discovering your most treasured possessions floating in this filthy mess.

We can all play a part in reducing the risk of this happening through small changes, like scraping our cooking pans and plates into the bin and only flushing paper, pee and poo down the loo. That’s why we’re backing the Unblocktober campaign.”

Participants can sign up and find more information at

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