Faulty boiler after following external repairs

I just wanted to inform you that I have now received the cheque for £1500 from my water company. Thank you very much for your time and effort in dealing with my case. I really appreciated it. I wish you all the best in the future.

The issue

Following work undertaken by her water company just outside her property, Ms K’s house taps started spitting water mixed with grit, and her boiler stopped working shortly after, leaving her and her family without heating or hot water. When she contacted her water company to complain, they informed her that they would not be able to pay for a replacement boiler, as they were only responsible for the external pipework.

What we found

We challenged the water company on a number of issues, including asking the company to show that it had informed Ms K of the works and that it asked her not to use her water during this time. We argued that if it had not done so then they should be liable for the damage to her boiler as, if Ms K had known and not used her water, gravel would not have been sucked from outside into her external pipework and boiler.

Putting it right

Following our intervention, the company admitted that it had not taken all the steps it should have; as a result, it agreed to pay Ms K £1500 to replace her boiler. It also re-attended the area where work and taken place to jet wash the public footpath, and paid Ms K an additional £30 compensation for the inconvenience caused.

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