Water meter installed on private land

Thank you so much for assisting me with this matter, your help is really appreciated.

The issue

Ms K contacted us on behalf of the residents of a block of flats, where she is one of the owner-occupiers. She was unhappy that contractors working on behalf of her water company had carried out works to install a water meter on the private land leading to the flats, rather than on the public footpath, as should have been the case. None of the other owners were notified of the work, despite it being on private property, and the work to install a new meter resulted in part of the path being replaced with concrete that did not match the original pathway and debris being left behind.

What we found

During our investigation, we discovered that the company had installed the new meter on the private land because they found cars parked near the location of the public pathway. We argued that the company should have rescheduled this work and backdated customers’ charges for those who were waiting for a meter to be installed. We also questioned why the company had not taken steps to ensure the concrete was a better match for the existing path. As a result, we felt that the company should compensate Ms K and the other residents as a result of these failures.

Putting it right

As a result of CCWater’s involvement, the water company agreed to pay £1500 as a gesture of goodwill to the residents’ association and an additional £100 to Ms K as a separate acknowledgement of the time she had spent trying to resolve the issue.

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