Refund due on late uncle’s account

I can confirm we received the cheque from our water company yesterday. We would like to thank you for all your support on this delicate matter and we appreciate all you did for us to get this to a resolution.

The issue

Mrs A contacted us on behalf of her aunt following her water company’s refusal to grant a refund for overpayment of £190 on her late uncle’s estate, unless the customer provided a grant of registration. This is a document, which demonstrates proof an individual can act as an authority over an estate, in the event that the deceased does not leave a will.

Mrs A argued that the family was finding the process of providing a grant of registration extremely complicated, especially given that they were grieving for their uncle. The customer asked if under the circumstances and due to the fact it was for a relatively small amount, the company could provide the refund without the usual documentation.

What we found

We spoke to the company and asked them to help the customer as they were finding it too difficult under the circumstances to provide the documentation needed. We put forward Mrs A’s case and explained that the funds were needed for a memorial headstone for Mrs A’s uncle.

Putting it right

Following our involvement, the company agreed that it would on this occasion make an exception, and grant the full refund of £190 without documents.

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