Chased for unknown debt

I can’t thank you enough for all your help. This has really been such a stressful situation; it is amazing to finally have it all sorted thanks to your intervention.

The issue

Despite making regular payments and contacting her water company on several occasions to resolve the issue, Ms S was repeatedly contacted by a debt collection agency regarding an unpaid water bill. In addition, the customer was also promised a credit on her account from her water company due to a past issue with a leak on her meter, which she had not received.

What we found

As a result of our investigation it was discovered that the customer had two accounts under her name – one as a result of her housemate moving out and updating the company without her knowledge. As a result, despite keeping up-to-date with payments her account continued to show it was in debt. We challenged the company to address a number of issues, including providing a full statement for both accounts, show evidence that it had closed the additional account and providing an apology for the length of time taken to respond to the customer’s complaint.

Putting it right

Following our investigation, the company reassessed the customer’s account and credited it with the payments received. Additionally, it provided a leak allowance of £120 as promised and provided the customer with a goodwill gesture of £60 for the inconvenience caused.

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