Be part of Water Saving Week (29 April to 3 May)

Our lives depend on water but its long-term future depends on us making sure we use every drop wisely.

That’s why we want to encourage you to join us in supporting Water Saving Week (29 April to 3 May) – an annual campaign that aims to inspire all of us to value water and look after this precious resource.

It’s almost impossible to imagine life without a fresh supply of clean tap water but climate change and our growing population are putting an increasing strain on our resources in the UK.

Doing nothing isn’t an option for the water industry but consumers have a really important part to play too. The great news is that small actions can make a big difference if we all join in – and there’s no better time to start than Water Saving Week.

Over the five days, campaign organiser Waterwise, along with partners including ourselves and many other organisations will be showering you with top tips and tricks to help you reduce your water use.  On Tuesday we’ll be sponsoring ‘Toilet Tuesday’ when we’ll be lifting the lid on how to make sure you’re not flushing money down the loo.

Remember – using water more wisely will not only help to protect the environment, it will also leave your wallet looking healthier too if you’re among the majority of households that now pay metered charges for their water.

And if you haven’t got a meter installed, it’s worth using our water meter calculator to see if you could join the tens of thousands of consumers who have saved by switching from unmetered charges. Our calculator has helped people identify potential savings totalling more than £15 million in the past year alone.

So don’t delay – start saving today by following #WaterSavingWeek on Twitter and Facebook or visit the campaign page

You can also soak up some of our favourite water-saving tips

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