Public meeting to hear water companies’ community plans

Water companies will be discussing their plans to build closer ties with the communities they serve at our next public board meeting in Bath on Tuesday (16th April).

Bristol Water, Wessex Water, South West Water and Bournemouth Water will be explaining the steps they’ll be taking to improve their relationships with customers in their local area. CCWater’s research has shown that consumer perceptions of fairness and value for money are lower for water than other household utilities, but that positive contact with water companies can help improve these views. As such, we’ve called for all water companies to go beyond the role of silent provider to build a positive community image and show customers how their money is being used to improve services down their street.

Water companies across England and Wales have all approached this challenge in different ways, and customers in the South West are invited to attend CCWater’s meeting to hear what plans their company has in store for the coming years.

Bristol Water will be discussing its proposal for a social contract, which will see the company working closely with local community groups, enabling individuals to have their say about what they want to see from their water company.

South West Water will be discussing its plans for a shared ownership scheme, which would offer customers a stake in the company and, crucially, a greater say in how the company is run. South West Water proposals include a commitment to spend £1 billion on improving local services, resilience and environmental improvements.

The meeting will be taking place at Bath Cricket Club from 11.00 am on 16 April. If you would like to attend or have any questions, please email Alison Townsend at If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to ask a question of any of these companies, email your question to us at

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