Water meter calculator bill savings flow past £15 million

Thousands of consumers are raising a glass to lower water bills after using our water meter calculator to identify £15.4 million in potential annual savings.

The calculator has been used more than 260,000 times since April 2018 by consumers eager to see if they might be better off switching to a water meter.

Over 22,000 users told us they would definitely consider making the switch, which can shave more than £100 off some customers’ bills.

One of those to benefit was pensioner Eddie Clarke, whose bills have more than halved since he took the plunge and had a meter installed free of charge by his supplier Severn Trent.

Mr Clarke said: “My only regret is that we didn’t switch sooner – we’re saving about £400 every year, which is a staggering amount. At first I was a bit nervous about having one installed but being able to trial a meter for up to two years gave me peace of mind.”

The calculator experienced a huge spike in visitors during January when it was featured on the Martin Lewis Money Show’s bill-busting special. Money-saving expert Martin used the calculator to tot up the potential savings an audience member could make by opting for a meter.

Just under half of households in England and Wales still pay unmetered charges, but if you have more bedrooms than people living in your property, there is a good chance you might be better off on a meter.

Most water companies will give you two years to trial one and switch back if you’re unhappy or not saving money. The trial is not available in many parts of the South East of England, where metering is compulsory due to the higher risk of water shortages.

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