High water bills

I’m so happy to save nearly £9,000 after many years of over paying for my water bills.  Thank you very much in helping me to receive a significant refund.

The issue

Dr C’s property couldn’t be fitted with a water meter, so instead his water company agreed to bill him via assessed charges. This resulted in Dr C’s annual water bill reducing by more than half which made him question the water company over his previously high water charges.

What we found

Our investigation found that Dr C had paid around £1200 excess for his water bill annually for over 20 years, for a property with only two people.

Despite this, the water company stated that they could only back-date assessed household charges from the time the application for the water meter was made and as a result could not offer an additional refund to Dr C as because this would be unfair to other customers.

Our investigation found out that Dr C’s had previously requested a water meter in 2014 was refused, however despite this the water company had not offered to bill him through assessed charges.

Putting it right

We argued that the water company had a duty of care towards their customers and that each customer should be assessed based on individual needs. We highlighted that water bills for a two-person household in Dr C’s area were too high, and that there were missed chances where the customer could have benefitted from assessed charges. Following our involvement, Dr C received a refund which covered the seven-year period since he had first requested a water meter – a total of almost £9,000.

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