Rat infestation

I am very grateful for the help and support of CCWater with this matter and feel that your help has been invaluable in finally getting my complaint resolved.

The issue

Mr H contacted his water company regarding an ongoing rat infestation in the loft of his property. His company arranged an examination of the sewer drain to rule out a possible drainage issue that could be enabling rats to gain entry into the cavity wall. Once the examination was completed, the company assured the customer that there was no damage to the drains. The infestation continued to happen, and as a result the local Council insisted they carry out a survey of the drains in order to identify any potential issues. The survey identified a major defect on the drain, which allowed rats to enter the property. The water company conducted a second survey as a result of this information and confirmed there was an issue.

Mr H requested that a total of £2,100 be paid in compensation, for the costs associated with trying to resolve the issue, including pest control and employment of tradespeople. This request was rejected by his water company, instead they offered a total of £1,250 which they felt was an appropriate amount.

What we found

Rejecting the offer of £1,250, Mr H contacted us for help. We spoke to the company on the customer’s behalf and pushed for them to reconsider the compensation claim. We argued that Mr H’s claim for £2,100 was reasonable given that he had provided a full breakdown of the associated costs and he should not be expected to be out of pocket because of the company’s failure to identify a fault. We also asked for additional compensation to be considered.

Putting it right

After reviewing the case following our involvement, the company agreed that it should have offered the full amount originally requested. As a result, Mr H was paid a total of £2,100 plus an additional £50 in compensation as an acknowledgment of service failings.

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