Bill for services not used

“Thank you so much for your invaluable support in helping me to resolve my complaint – this would not have been achieved without your input.”

The issue

Ms T’s problems began when the water supply of the property she was renting was transferred from one supplier to another. Her new supplier began to send her bills for sewerage services in addition to her water bill despite the customer informing them on several occasions that the property was connected to a private sewerage supply.

What we found

Despite repeated contact from Ms T to her water company in order to rectify the situation, bills for sewerage services continued to be sent, with demands for payment eventually being sent on to a debt collection agency. This is when Ms T contacted CCWater for help.

Putting it right

CCWater challenged the company to put Ms T’s account in order, we also asked that the customer receive a new back-dated bill with all sewerage charges removed and compensation for the customer for the inconvenience caused. Ms T was rebilled from the start of her account and received £30 as an acknowledgement of the customer service failings.

Categories: Complaint successes