Bill for an empty property

“Many thanks for your help in this matter – if CCWater had not got involved on my behalf I really don’t think my voice would have been heard”

The issue

Ms K received an unexpectedly high bill for a property which had belonged to her mother, until her mother’s death more than a year before. The bill received by the customer amounted to more than £1,100, despite the property being empty for almost a year. When contacted by the customer, the water company arranged an appointment to investigate whether there may be a leak at the property – however no leaks, or alternative explanation for the water use could be found. As a result, the water company offered to apply a one off leakage allowance which would result in the bill being reduced by 75%. Although this brought the bill down significantly, the customer felt they should not have to pay the outstanding balance as no water had been used.

What we found

CCWater asked the company to demonstrate what steps it had taken to investigate the high consumption at the property, and we asked them to show this fell in line with normal procedure in such a case. We also asked that if the relevant steps had not been taken, a 100% allowance should be applied to the account.

Putting it right

Following CCWater’s intervention and investigation, the water company reconsidered its original decision and agreed to remove the remaining charges, and wrote to the customer to apologise for the inconvenience caused.

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