Faulty boiler and pipe

I just wanted to thank CCWater for all their help with this matter. Following my initial complaint to my water company, they denied liability and I was ready to give up. Instead, I turned to CCWater for help and I am so glad I did – the matter was resolved quickly and professionally, thank you so much.

The issue

Ms S contacted us regarding a property she was renting to a tenant which had a faulty boiler and pipe. The customer called upon the services of a plumber who advised them that the welding on the pipe was secure therefore he believed the damage to the pipe was most likely caused by fluctuations in the water pressure. The customer contacted their water company to inform them of the situation and to request reimbursement for the cost of the work – a request which was initially rejected by the company who denied liability.

What we found

The customer contacted CCWater for help and following our investigation, the water company confirmed it had carried out work at the time this incident occurred which may have resulted in fluctuations in water pressure.

Putting it right

Following CCWater’s involvement, the water company agreed that it wad possible that the work it had carried out near the property could have contributed to the damage to the customer’s pipe and boiler. As a result, the company agreed to reimburse the customer the cost of the plumbing work at the property as a gesture of goodwill.

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