Wrongful demands for water debt payment

This whole incident has been extremely upsetting and stressful and at times I really thought I would never be able to get it resolved. CCWater were such a fantastic help and were able to get the bottom of the issue really quickly. Thank you so much!

The issue

Ms G received a letter from a debt collection agency stating that she owed more than £3500 in unpaid water charges and as a result, a CCJ had been taken out against her. She immediately called her water company to confirm that this was an error, as she had moved out of the property the debt was related to more than six years ago. The company confirmed that they could see she now lived in a different property and the debt was not hers to pay, that the CCJ would be removed and Ms G would have this confirmed in writing.

What we found

Despite this, no written confirmation was received by Ms G and the CCJ remained in her name. Ms G made numerous attempts to get the matter resolved, but each time she contacted her water company she was passed to different departments, promised call-backs and correspondence to show the matter had been resolved, none of which was received. In addition, despite being originally told the CCJ would be removed, the company denied that this was the case and despite the customer not being liable for the debt, the CCJ would remain in place. Ms G contacted CCWater for help.

Putting it right

Following CCWater’s involvement, the company reviewed the case again and admitted that it had not provided a good level of customer service and that the CCJ should not have been taken out in the customer’s name. As a result, they apologised to the customer and advised that the CCJ would be removed within eight weeks. The company also agreed to make a goodwill payment of £200 to the customer for the length of time it had taken to resolve the matter and the numerous contacts the customer had had to make in order to try and resolve the issue.

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