Incorrect demands for historic water debt

I can’t thank CCWater enough for their help! I really was at my wits’ end trying to get this issue resolved. I have no idea how I would have got this matter resolved without CCWater there to fight my corner.

The issue

Ms N was being chased for a historic debt by her water company, a process which began three years previously. The customer had told the company that she had paid the money and was not in debt and after an initial investigation, the company informed the customer that the matter was resolved and she did not owe them any money. Despite this, three years later, the water company began contacting Ms N again asking for the debt to be paid – this is when Ms N got in touch with CCWater for help.

What we found

CCWater contacted the customer’s water company regarding the issue and asked the company to investigate it again. As a result of this investigation, it was found that despite repeated requests for payment, the water company could not produce any evidence of missing payments or any proof they had sent payment requests at the time they claim the debt was accrued.

Putting it right

Following CCWater’s involvement, the company admitted that it was unable to produce documentation that showed the customer had not paid or that payment requests had been sent. As a result, the company agreed to clear the outstanding balance of more than £1500 it had claimed she owed. In addition, the company also provided an additional £30 as a goodwill gesture and an apology for the length of time it had taken to resolve the issue and the distress this had caused Ms N.

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