30-month investigation into source of leak

Thank you so much for all your hard work and helping to fight my corner. It has been an incredibly frustrating two and half years, but thanks to the help of CCWater I feel the issue has finally been resolved.

The issue

Mr B was informed by his water company that it believed there to be a leak at his property, an issue which was investigated on a number of occasions over a 30-month period. As a result of the ongoing investigation, Mr B had to take a significant amount of time off work to attend appointments.

After a two-and-a-half year period, Mr B’s water company informed him that the leak was in fact at a neighbouring property and by way of compensation eventually offered the customer £600 – an offer that was rejected by the customer as he did not feel this adequately reflected the true cost of the investigation. This is when Mr B decided to come to CCWater for help.

What we found

CCWater challenged the company to fully explain why it had taken two and a half years to identify that there was no leak at the property and to compensate the customer adequately for the amount of time he had needed to take off work as a result. We also asked the company to make an additional goodwill payment as acknowledgement of a number of customer service failings, as the customer had raised a complaint on two separate occasions and his concerns were not resolved.

The result

As a result of CCWater’s involvement Mr B received £1480 in addition to the £600 already offered. This was to cover compensation for Mr B having to use his work holiday allowance for appointments, repairs to his kitchen as a result of the investigation and a goodwill gesture as acknowledgement of customer service failings.

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