Help us defeat Dr Peevil and The Unflushables

Just when you thought it was safe to flush your loo – scourge of our sewers The Unflushables have another evil plot in the pipeline.

But do not fear – the Consumer Council for Water is joining forces with Southern Water for the second phase of its award-winning campaign to thwart Dr Peevil and The Unflushables’ plans to clog up our sewers and flood our homes with sewage.

We teamed up last year to help consumers understand the threat ‘unflushable’ items – including wet wipes, fat, oil and grease and nappies – pose to our drains and sewers.

An animated film, produced by the Progress Film Company, helped highlight the devastating damage The Unflushables can cause through blocking pipes which may then end up flooding people’s homes with sewage.

The campaign helped to reduce blockages across Southern Water’s region by 13 per cent but a new sequel, ‘The Unflushables – Unflushables Assemble’, shows the battle is far from won.

Steve Grebby, Wastewater Policy Manager at CCWater, said: “We’re delighted the campaign has already inspired so many people to fight the unflushables and keep our sewers flowing freely.”

“Keeping wet wipes and other unflushables out of our pipes not only reduces the risk of sewer flooding, but also shields our environment and marine life from the plastics that are often found in these items. That’s why our message is really simple – only flush paper, pee and poo down the loo.”

You can watch the second installment of The Unflushables and learn more about what not to flush

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