Leaking supply pipe

Fantastic service and resolution after a very frustrating six months of trying, and being constantly ignored by my water company after a burst pipe I thought I had protection against cost me thousands. I hope I don’t need to, but I would definitely seek assistance from CCWater again. Consistently kept in the loop – very happy.

The issue

Mrs Balli had a leaking supply pipe which was not picked up by engineers when a water meter was installed at her property. As a result, by the time the leak had been identified, the repair was costlier because of the need to lay a new drive in addition to replacing pipework.

What we found

As a new mum on maternity pay and with a husband who had been recently made redundant, as a result, Mrs Balli found herself in vulnerable circumstances’ Despite this, her water company did not apply the leakage allowance she was entitled to and continued to take £220 per month Direct Debit despite having already agreed a rate of £35 per month. The customer made continued efforts to get these issues addressed, however the company would only agree to a partial contribution towards the new supply pipe – this is when the customer contacted CCWater for help.

Putting it right

CCWater challenged the company to address a number of service failings, which resulted in the company finally acknowledging it was at fault. As a result, the company agreed to pay the entire cost of the new supply pipes, applied a leak allowance of £360.65, waived one month’s worth of charges and provided the customer with an additional goodwill gesture of an additional £700 in acknowledgement of customer service failings.

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