Damage to car from drain repair work

Thank you for your help and support in resolving this matter. Thank you for all your hard work and for keeping me informed and up to date during this process. The customer care received has been outstanding and I am very happy with the outcome; your help has been very much appreciated.

The issue

Ms E contacted her water company to advise that a drain cover had been dug around and left exposed at the end of the drive to her property, resulting in damage to her car. Initially the water company claimed that although repair work had been carried out outside the customer’s property, this had taken place two months before the damage to the car had occurred, therefore denied any liability.

What we found

Following CCWater’s investigation, it was found that the company had completed a temporary fix of the drain cover in April, however it had also returned in June to complete more permanent repair work; the month that the customer had stated the damage took place.

Putting it right

Following CCWater’s involvement, the company agreed to re-examine the case and concluded that it had been mistaken to originally advise that it had not carried out repair work on the second occasion. As a result, the company agreed to provide the customer with a goodwill gesture of more than £1,700 to cover the repairs needed to the car.

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