Leaky meter

CCWater were absolutely fantastic with my issue – the staff are a credit to the company. I was thoroughly pleased with the way CCWater conducted themselves with my complaint against my water company after they fitted a new water meter for my premises which subsequently leaked causing nearly £2000 in water charges – all of which they expected me to pay for. Best wishes to CCWater, I hope you can serve others just as well as myself.

The issue

When Mr Dale-Evans, the owner of a vehicle repair business received an abnormally high bill which covered a thirteen-month period, he contacted his water retail company to question why. The water retail company investigated the high water usage and discovered that there was a leak on the property’s water meter, as a result of it being incorrectly fitted.

Other issues followed, as despite the leak being fixed the company did not inform the customer about the need to apply for a leak allowance within six weeks of the repair. In addition, the customer was also assured that as it was the company’s error, it would not affect his billing. On receipt of a second, unamended bill and money being debited from his account, the customer raised a formal complaint with the company.

Initially the retailer refused to amend the bill and informed the customer that it was unable to grant any allowance, as the wholesaler had rejected their request on the basis of the strict leak allowance policy timescales. The customer turned to CCWater for help.

Putting it right

When CCWater got involved, we strongly challenged the retailer and wholesaler to provide an allowance based on the fact that the customer was not informed about the leak allowance process appropriately. After several referrals and numerous chases and the company liaison officer involvement, the company agreed to grant an allowance and the customer was awarded £1342.52 in total.

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