Missing bill

Thank you so much for all your help, this issue was ongoing for a number of months, however I’m glad to say, that once you were involved, the issue was resolved very quickly. Thank you so much to the team for your efforts.

The issue

Mr Wilkins receives two bills for two meters at community centres he manages, however when the direct debit was taken, but only one of the bills received, he contacted his water company to find out why. When he received no response, the customer tried on two more occasions to have his bill sent, without success. The missing bill was of particular concern as the customer needed evidence of payment for water, as this is refunded to him by his local Council.

What we found

When no response from the company was forthcoming, Mr Wilkins contacted CCWater for help. We contacted the company to request the missing statement to be sent to the customer along with a full explanation as to why this had not already been done. Following our involvement, the company responded and admitted that it had been experiencing a large increase in customer contact, which had resulted in a delay in responding to the customer on this occasion.

Putting it right

The company acknowledged there had been service failings and contacted the customer to apologise. It promptly sent out the missing statement and also agreed to pay the customer a goodwill gesture of £50.

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