Billing issue

It really should never have had to come to this but we are so glad that we had CCWater to fight our corner. Thank you for all your help and support in resolving this matter and for keeping me informed and up to date during the entire process. It is such a relief to have this matter resolved and great news for the club!

The issue

Mr J, Chairman of a sports company informed us that his organisation received a large bill of more than £23,000 from its water company, particularly concerning as previous quarterly bills had typically been around £300. When the company was questioned by the customer about the huge anomaly, it denied being aware of any issue with the water supply, despite the customer receiving a notice from the company confirming that a problem with the property’s water meter had been detected previously.

What we found

Problems arose following the wholesalers failure to resolve the issue before the business moved services to a retailer. When we questioned the new retailer about the issue, it advised us that the wholesaler had provided records which rejected the claim there was a problem at the meter, contradicting the evidence provided by the customer. Rather than investigating both sets of evidence, the company relied upon the wholesaler’s evidence only and pursued the customer for the outstanding £23,000.

Putting it right

In order to properly investigate the case we arranged a meeting with both the wholesaler and the retailer. We put forward the customer’s case and challenged the water company to provide the evidence which demonstrated there had not been a leak on the property’s meter. Following this meeting it was confirmed by the wholesaler that there had been a leak on the meter as stated by the customer, as a result, the retailer agreed to waive all charges, placing the customer’s account in credit.

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