Assessed Charge Review

CCWater took professional ownership of the complaint and administered impartiality to preserve the course of justice

The issue

After receipt of a large bill Mr Mahmood requested to have an Assessed Charge Review in June 2017. Despite the water company acknowledging the initial request, by November, no action had been taken by the company to address the issue, instead the company issued another invoice for the same amount as the disputed bill.

What we found

When no action had been taken by November, the customer got in touch with CCWater for help. We challenged the company to address the customer service failings and provide details of the actions taken by its support team to date. We asked the company to outline details of compensation owed to the customer.

Putting it right

The water company issued an apology to the customer and admitted that the initial request had not been logged. The customer’s request for the account to be reviewed using an assessed charge was granted, which revealed the customer had been incorrectly charged since December 2014. A new invoice was issued and the water company reimbursed the customer the excess charges it had taken over a 27 month period.

Categories: Complaint successes