Hafren Dyfrdwy – a new water company for Mid and North-East Wales

From Monday (1 July) 115,000 customers in Wales will wake up to a new water provider, as Severn Trent brings together all its Welsh customers for the first time under a single company, Hafren Dyfrdwy.

The Consumer Council for Water has been challenging the new company to ensure that all changes are communicated effectively to customers and that the service they receive will not be compromised. As part of the licence process, CCWater also successfully challenged changes which would have resulted in customers based in Powys and Monmouthshire facing an increase in their wastewater bills.

The restructure means Hafren Dyfrdwy will now be servicing all former Dee Valley and Severn Trent customers living in Wales. For former Dee Valley customers in England (Chester area), the new structure will result in services being transferred to Severn Trent Water and for business customers in this area, the restructure brings about another important change: non-household customers will be able to pick and choose their supplier for the first time.

However for non household customers at 34 properties in the Powys area who have already swapped suppliers in the past year, the changes will see their supply moved to Hafren Dyfrdwy, with these businesses no longer eligible to swap supplier unless they use over 50 megalitres a year.

Hafren Dyfrdwy has committed to drawing on the best practice of both Severn Trent and Dee Valley to provide the highest level of service to its customers in Wales.

CCWater will continue to work closely with the new company to ensure the company’s guarantees are met and that any detriment to customers is mitigated.

More information regarding the new company can be found here

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