Water company complaints under review at watchdog’s meeting

Lessons learned from the complaints made against water companies in Central and Eastern England will be scrutinised at the Consumer Council for Water’s (CCWater) next regional meeting in public in Birmingham on Tuesday (22 May).

Consumers wanting to know more about how their water and sewerage services are performing are being invited to CCWater’s next meeting, where representatives from the region’s water companies are set to discuss the scope of complaints made to them during the last 12 months, sharing best practice examples with one another.

Members of the public will have the opportunity to put forward their own questions to the companies in attendance at the meeting, which starts at 12pm at CCWater’s head office on the First Floor of Victoria Square House, Victoria Square, Birmingham.

Severn Trent, Anglian Water, South Staffs Water and Essex and Suffolk Water will be presenting case studies highlighting their most impactful complaints, demonstrating how cases have been successfully resolved and how they have made a difference to customers.

Bernard Crump, Central and Eastern Chair for CCWater, said: “Our meetings are a fantastic opportunity for members of the public to see how we hold water companies to account and ensure they are delivering the level of service customers expect.”

“It is important that companies work together to continually improve the experience for customers. By sharing best practice, they can ensure that when things do go wrong they learn from the experience in order to provide the best experience for customers in the future.”

The meeting will also focus on incident management, with companies reporting to CCWater about any significant events which have taken place over the last year, as well as sharing the lessons learned from these events in a roundtable discussion.

If you are interested in attending the meeting, or if you have any questions, please email Gemma.Domican@ccwater.org.uk

For more information or to arrange an interview please contact the team on 0121 345 1025.