Water Saving Week (March 19-23) – Make a pledge to save a wedge

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that our small actions can make a difference but when we all pull together the impact can be huge.

That’s why we’re so excited to be sponsoring Water Saving Week (March 19 to 23) which is a golden opportunity to get thinking about your water habits and how you could use this precious resource more wisely.

The week, which is organised by Waterwise, will be packed full of great tips, activities and daily challenges to help you save water at home, work, school, the garden and your local community.

But why does saving water matter?

Over the next 30 years factors including our changing climate and growing population are going to increase the pressure on our water resources. And unless we respond to that challenge, by 2050 demand could outstrip the amount of water available to us by 22 per cent.

Water companies need to plan and invest in making our supplies resilient. But we can all play a part too by using water wisely and encouraging others to do the same.

Make a pledge to save a wedge

During Water Saving Week we’re asking you to turn a ripple of interest into a wave of action by making one simple pledge that will help to save water before encouraging at least one other person to do the same.

We’ve come up with six pledges for you to choose from which can help you and your community save water, and in many cases, money too.


I’ll check if a water meter’s cheaper by using CCWater’s calculator and tell someone else how much I could save.


I’ll ask my water company for some free water saving devices and encourage my neighbours to do the same.


I’ll turn off the tap every time I brush my teeth and tell friends and family to do the same.


I’ll organise a fund-raising event for Water Aid UK to help raise awareness of the value of water.


I’ll become a ‘leak detective’ and report any water leaks I spot to my water company.


I’ll use a refillable bottle instead of bottled water and keep it topped up with tap water to reduce plastic waste.

When you’ve chosen your pledge share it with others on social media using the hashtag #watersavingweek

Our website has lots more tips on how to save water and money

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