Watchdog working with retailers to improve service for businesses

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The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) is working closely with a small number of retailers to turn around a rise in complaints from non-household customers to the water watchdog.

CCWater received 815 complaints from business customers between October and December 2017, compared to the 174 it received in the same period during 2016.

The watchdog is focusing its efforts on improving the performance of a small number of retailers that are responsible for a disproportionate share of the increase in complaints to CCWater since the non-household market opened in April 2017.

Evan Joanette, Policy Manager for Competition and Markets, said: “We’re working hard to make sure that all retailers are striving to deliver a better service so customers have confidence in the market.”

Behind the scenes the consumer body has been closely involved in working groups where retailers have shown a willingness to share good practice and help resolve problems.

CCWater will be highlighting some of the best and worst performing retailers when it publishes its first annual market complaints report in the summer. This will feature all customer complaints made directly to retailers, as well as those made to CCWater.

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