Martin Lewis show sparks surge of visitors to water meter calculator

Money saving guru Martin Lewis sparked a surge of visitors to CCWater’s website on Tuesday evening after encouraging millions of TV viewers to use our water meter calculator.

Thousands of consumers logged onto the calculator within seconds of Martin mentioning it as part of a live bill-busting special on ITV 1.

Martin kicked-off the popular show by offering consumers advice on how to prevent water bills from draining their finances.

One of his top tips included using CCWater’s water meter calculator to see whether a household might be better off on a water meter, instead of unmeasured bills.

Some households find they can save more than £100 a year by switching and the Money Saving Expert star highlighted that consumers who request a meter have up to two years to trial one, with the option to switch back if they are unhappy.

There were nearly 22,000 visits to the CCWater website during the show, with consumers also taking the opportunity to soak up information on how to save water or seek financial help.

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