BLOG: 5 great reasons to top up with tap water

Many of us might be tempted to fire up the barbecue and head into the garden – or even the beach – this weekend as we try to make the most of the warm Bank Holiday  weather.

But when we head outdoors it’s so easy to forget to stay hydrated – and that can end up spoiling our fun. Our bodies are made up of about 60 per cent water so we need to keep our ‘engine’ topped up, especially when the sun is beating down. If we don’t we’ll very quickly feel exhausted and under the weather – rather than enjoying it.

5 good reasons to fill up your tank with TAP WATER over the Bank Holiday weekend:

5. It won’t drain your finances

Did you know in the UK we swig our way through 2 billion litres of bottled water every year? Our thirst for bottled water has propelled it to the ‘top of the pops’, overtaking its sugary, soft drink rivals. That’s good news from a health perspective, but tap water is an even cheaper option that is just as good for our bodies.

In fact two litres of tap water costs about a third of a penny – compared to 90 pence for the same amount in branded bottled water.

If you’re heading outdoors this weekend try filling up some reusable bottles and chill them in the fridge. It’ll keep you and your wallet looking healthy.

4. It’s a world class performer

Huge investment by water companies and tough regulations mean we now boast some of the safest drinking water in the world. Every year water companies in England and Wales carry out millions of tests to check our drinking water meets rigorous quality standards. In July the Drinking Water Inspectorate – which regulates water quality – reported 99.96 per cent of all samples passed with flying colours.

3. You can taste the benefits

We all have different tastes when it comes to food and drink but more often than not studies show that few of us can tell the difference between tap or bottled in blind-tasting tests.

We recently carried out a taste test with consumers in Walsall where a sample of tap water beat off competition from bottled brands to be named their favourite tipple.

The taste of tap water can vary around the country due to many factors, including where it has been sourced and the minerals it may have picked up on its journey to the treatment plant and our taps.

If you find the taste from your tap isn’t quite to your liking, try filling up a jug and keep it covered in the fridge for a few hours. Your taste buds should hopefully notice a difference.

2. It’s clean and green

As well as not hurting your wallet, tap water is also kinder to the environment. Bottled water is heavy and shipping it around the globe leaves a big carbon footprint. It also takes about five litres of water to produce a one litre plastic bottle, putting extra pressure on our stretched water resources.

By opting for tap water you’ll also help reduce the millions of plastic bottles that are sent to landfill in the UK every week.

1. You can take it with you

Although many of us won’t hesitate to fill up our glass from the tap at home, it’s a different story when we head outdoors. Almost half of us opt to guzzle bottled water when we’re out and about – so why do we turn to the supermarket shelves?  Many of us blame poor public access to tap water which is why it’s worth investing in a reusable bottle which you can top up before you leave home. And remember – all licensed premises have a legal duty to provide you with free tap water. So don’t be shy in asking for a glass or jug of water when you’re cooling off in a bar, café or restaurant.

If our tap water tips haven’t quite quenched your thirst for knowledge, check out this handy Q and A on the Water UK website

Have a great Bank Holiday!