Read our new Forward Work Programme

The Consumer Council for Water has today published its Forward Work Programme for 2017-20 which sets out our priorities for representing consumers over the next three years.

It includes details of how we plan to provide a strong voice for consumers throughout the 2019 Price Review. Our focus will be on securing affordable services that represent value for money, while also being resilient enough to withstand the long-term pressures of climate change and population growth.

Meeting the challenges of competition will also dominate our workload and we’re committed to keeping a close eye on the new non-household marketplace in England to ensure any emerging problems are quickly addressed. We’ll watch closely to see how micro, small and medium-sized businesses engage with the new market and use these insights to influence any future plans to extend competition to households.

Consumers can also rely on us to continue to keep up the pressure on poorer performing water companies to improve their performance, reduce customer complaints and provide services that are ‘right first time’.

You can read our Forward Work Programme here

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