Cut your bills during Water Saving Week (March 20 to 24)

Monday (March 20) marks the launch of the third annual Water Saving Week, which is organised by Waterwise and supported by partners including CCWater. Our water efficiency expert Ana-Maria Millan explains why saving water matters and how it can also ease the pressure on our wallets.

For most of us in the UK turning on the tap is a bit like switching on the lights in our home – it’s something we do every day without a second thought. But what if we woke up one morning to find the taps had run dry? No hot water for a shower – not even a trickle to brush our teeth or give us our daily caffeine fix. Seem far fetched? Not when you consider the pressure on our limited resources. Almost 60 million people across England and Wales each use, on average, around 140 litres of water every day for cooking, cleaning, washing, drinking and personal hygiene. Satisfying the thirst of business, agriculture and our homes is becoming increasingly challenging in the face of climate change and a growing population.

Balancing act

Water companies have a responsibility to balance supply and demand which is why we’re constantly pressing them to reduce leakage and develop investment plans that are fit for the future. But as consumers, we need to play our part too. What’s encouraging is that a growing number of us are doing exactly that. Back in 2015 around half of adults in England and Wales told us they had made a conscious decision to use less water – that had leapt to two-thirds of us when we asked the same question last year.

Save water, energy and money

But it doesn’t really matter if you’re already a super saver or still a bit wet behind the ears. Water Saving Week is the perfect time to soak up lots of new ideas to help you use less water. And guess what – it’ll also ease the pressure on your wallet too. That’s because over half of us now pay for our water with a meter, giving us much more control over our water bills. But even if you’re not a metered customer, saving water can also help you to cut those headache-inducing energy bills that make so many of us hot under the collar.

Something for everyone

Saving water is easy and so is getting involved in Water Saving Week. Just follow the hashtag #watersavingweek on social media for a steady stream of tips and advice. Each day has a different water saving theme and by downloading a campaign pack you can take part in different challenges in the home, garden, workplace, school or community.

Don’t forget to let us know how you get on by using #watersavingweek