Businesses invited to quiz retailers about new water market

Businesses across London and the South East of England can quiz the new water retailers that will soon be competing for their cash at a meeting hosted by the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) on Thursday (March 16).

The consumer watchdog is inviting businesses, as well as charities and public sector organisations, to come and discover more about the potential benefits of the new retail water market which will open in England on April 1.

The free event is being held at Goodenough College in London.

The changes will give 1.2 million non-household customers the freedom to shop around for a better deal on billing, meter reading and other customer-facing retail water services.

With less than a month to go until the market opens, CCWater is providing businesses with the chance to question many of the retailers that will be trying to tempt them to switch.

Sir Tony Redmond, London and South East Chair for CCWater, said: “It’s a golden opportunity for business customers to find out more about how competition will work and the potential benefits.”

“We want to make sure customers know how to navigate the new market and make the right choice for their business.”

A panel featuring a wide range of retailers and wholesalers will discuss what is being done to communicate the changes to customers, handle emergencies, resolve complaints and tackle longer term issues such as managing the South East’s stretched water resources.

Attendees can then put their questions to the panel during the meeting, which will start at 1pm in William Goodenough House at Goodenough College, London.