New consultation launched on monitoring customer complaints

The Consumer Council for Water has launched a four-week consultation on its plans to monitor customer complaints to retailers in the new non-household (NHH) retail market.

We already ask water and sewage companies to provide us with information on their customer service and operational performance. This informs our discussions with companies about how they can address any areas of concern. The data we receive is also published in our annual report on complaints and Delving into Water.

We are considering extending the information we collect to water supply and sewerage licence (WSSL) holders (‘retailers’) as they establish themselves in the new NHH retail market in England. This would only be complaints data and would be used to identify and discuss any concerns with retailers. We would also publish year-end data in our annual report on complaints to enable comparisons to be made between retailers.

The consultation sets out our proposals on the data we propose to collect, and the frequency of its collection.

We would welcome comments from retailers and other interested parties on our proposals. Please email your responses to by 5pm on 24 March 2017.

Once the consultation closes we will issue a response document that summarises respondents’ views to each of the questions, and sets out how we intend to proceed.