BLOG: 5 ways to pull the plug on water debt

Are you feeling the drip, drip, drip of finances draining away after Christmas?  You don’t need to struggle on alone with these worries – there are many ways to help pay your water bills and some are better known than others. 

So now is the time to resolve to take positive action. Here are our five top tips for making sure you keep your head above water with debt.

Talk to your water company and explain your situation.

They are already helping others who have found themselves struggling to pay and will be happy to help you and talk through ways to help you pay your bill.  All water companies have assistance schemes to help people pay their water bills.

If you need help with other bills, chat to an independent debt advisor.

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They can help you decide what you can do based on your own circumstancesOur website has details of organisations that offer free, independent and confidential debt advice.

Are you on benefits?

If so, you may be eligible for the Water Direct scheme, where a set amount is deducted directly from your benefits to pay your water bill.

Give your income a boost.

Could you be missing out on mean-tested welfare benefits that could help bolster your bank balance? Last January we teamed up with poverty relief charity Turn2Us to launch a Benefits Calculator that has already helped consumers identify potential annual benefits of more than £3.25 million. Give our Grants Search Tool a go as well to see if you might qualify for financial help from more than 3,000 charitable trust funds.

Would a water meter help?

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Depending on your water use, you might find that having a water meter fitted by your water company helps you to reduce your bill, especially if you live on your own or you have more bedrooms in your property than occupants. Many water companies will now give you up to two years to trial a meter and switch back if you’re unhappy or not saving money. Check our water meter calculator  to see if you could save money by making the switch.

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