BLOG: Dive into Discover Water

Today marks the official launch of Discover Water – a new website dripping with fascinating facts and figures about the water and sewerage services that we pay for and rely on. CCWater’s Head of Policy and Research Deryck Hall, who worked with Water UK and other organisations on the project, explains why it’s worth consumers diving in to take a closer look.

How much do you know about where the water you use comes from, or where it goes after it leaves your house? Probably not much, and that may be because getting full and unbiased information about the water and sewerage services you receive each day isn’t easy.

That has now changed with the launch of the second phase of the Discover Water website.  This acts as a one-stop shop for information about each water company’s performance against a range of services.

infogrpahic of what customers think of companies service
Much of the information presented here is already published by other organisations, including the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) which represents water consumers across England and Wales.  But you might need to search several websites to find what you want.  And life’s too short for that.

So, if you want to find out about water quality, your water company’s environmental performance, or how the industry deals with droughts, this is the place to go.  You’ll also find some invaluable tips and advice about looking after your plumbing and drains.

breakdown of bill of how customers money is spentAnd if you are after some quirky facts then look no further.  Did you know that water company mains would stretch round the Equator eight and a half times?  Or that the amount of sewage collected from all properties in England and Wales would fill 328 double decker buses? Makes you think, doesn’t it.

Because development of the Discover Water website has been overseen by regulators and CCWater the facts are presented without spin.  Use the Discover More tab to send us a comment.  It could help us make the site even better.

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