Plug into Big Energy Saving Week

CCWater’s water-saving expert Ana-Maria Millan explains why plugging into Big Energy Saving Week could put you on the path to lower energy and water bills.

Are your energy bills making you hot under the collar?

Then we’d like to really encourage you to plug into Big Energy Saving Week 2016 (October 31) which will be packed with great advice and tips to ignite your imagination for saving energy and money.

We’re delighted to be supporting this year’s campaign – which is being spearheaded by Citizens Advice – and we’ll be joining a host of organisations in sharing practical tips that can help you slash your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

That’s great news for your bank balance and the environment.

Water way to save

Although our consumer role primarily relates to water, not energy, how we all use hot water in our home can play a big part in reducing our energy bills. According to the Energy Saving Trust, more than a fifth of a typical gas heated household’s heating bill is from heating the water used for showers, baths and hot water from the tap. So just by getting smarter with our use of hot water we can start to shave pounds off our energy bills.

And of course if your home has a water meter you should also see a steady trickle of savings on your water bills too.

Small actions, big savings

Whether it’s taking shorter showers, being careful not to over-fill the kettle – or getting savvier with our use of the washing machine – there are so many simple ways to save energy, water and money.

Getting involved in Big Energy Saving Week is simple too. Start following the hashtag #BESW2016 on Twitter from October 31 and brace yourself for a steady steam of great tips to cut your energy bills.

Our Facebook page will also feature lots of practical advice throughout the week that you can share with friends and family.

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