Let’s keep it clear with advice on what not to flush

The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) is supporting calls for consumers to be provided with accurate and consistent advice on what not to flush down the loo.

Water UK – which represents water companies – has today (Wednesday) written to Trading Standards to complain about what it calls “misleading” packaging of wet wipes and other items that claim to be flushable.

It forms part of wider efforts by the water sector – including CCWater – and environmental bodies to tackle the root causes of sewer flooding and develop a sustainable drainage system for future generations.

Steve Grebby, Policy Manager at the Consumer Council for Water, said: “It’s vital consumers are given clear, accurate and consistent advice about what they can safely flush down the loo.”

“Our research shows many households are still confused but we have a really simple message for consumers – only flush the 3Ps down your loo – pee, poo and paper. That way we can all reduce the risk of sewer flooding and the untold misery it causes thousands of households and businesses every year.”

An estimated £88 million a year is spent in the UK on clearing sewers with wet wipes and other hygiene products thought to exacerbate many of these blockages. These costs are passed onto all customers through water and sewerage bills. When a private drain ends up blocked, it’s the householder who foots the full bill.

But the financial cost is eclipsed by the misery and distress caused by sewer flooding to thousands of unsuspecting homes and businesses every year.

That’s why CCWater has joined hundreds of organisations across 17 countries in supporting a global statement recommending that consumers are given clear and accurate information about how to safely dispose of products.

For more information call the CCWater media team on 0121 345 1005

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