Discover Water website launched

Have you ever wondered how the hard-earned money you spend on your water bills is used by water companies? Or what happens to the 2,500 tonnes of waste we flush down our loos every day?

You can now find answers to these and many other questions with just a few clicks on the new Discover Water website

A wide range of organisations – including Water UK, CCWater and Environment Agency – have been involved in developing the site which is packed full of facts and figures on the water and sewerage services you pay for in England and Wales.

The site is still evolving but you can already discover more about issues including:

  • How your tap water is sourced and treated
  • The quality of your tap water
  • How much water is lost through leaks
  • Water companies’ performance in protecting the environment
  • What other customers think about the services they receive

Once you’ve delved into Discover Water let us know if you found the website helpful by emailing us at

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