Consumers can air concerns at regional meeting in Leicester

CONSUMERS with questions about their water and sewerage services are being invited to attend the Consumer Council for Water’s (CCWater) regional meeting in public at Leicester Racecourse on Monday (October 12).

The watchdog’s meeting will also provide customers in Central and Eastern England with the opportunity to hear how their water company has performed on issues ranging from customer service to sewer flooding.

Bernard Crump, Central and Eastern Chair for CCWater, said: “Our meetings are just one of the ways we hold water companies to account and ensure they are delivering the standard of service customers expect.”

“They also give consumers an opportunity to voice any concerns they might have directly with water company representatives or CCWater.”

Questions from the public will be aired during a listening session shortly after the meeting begins at 10.30am in the King Suite.

The performance of individual water companies will then come under the spotlight before Anglian Water, South Staffs Water, Severn Trent and Essex and Suffolk Water present case studies highlighting how they have made a difference to customers.

If you wish to attend the meeting please email