Watchdog says Affinity Water’s draft price limits are good news for customers

The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) says today’s (Wednesday) draft decision on Affinity Water’s price limits for 2015 to 2020 is good news for their customers.

Regulator Ofwat has announced that it believes Affinity Water’s average annual household bill for water-only charges should fall before inflation from £174 in 2014/15 to £155 by 2020. Ofwat will make a final decision in December.

But customers could still see an actual increase in their water charges by 2020 depending on the level of inflation over the next few years. And new regulatory incentives for Affinity Water could also have some effect on future bills.

Affinity Water customers will have to wait until later in the summer to see what they are likely to be charged for their sewerage services, when the companies who provide this service to them receive their draft price limits.1

Sir Tony Redmond, London and South East chair for CCWater, said: “We’ve challenged Affinity Water to come up with a plan that reflects what customers want and are willing to pay. The company has listened to its customers and our challenge now is to ensure the company delivers on their promises, including supporting those households struggling to afford their bill.”

1 Affinity Water customers have their sewerage services provided by a different company who bill them for this service. Their draft price limits will be set by Ofwat in either June or August