Water watchdog says company is on track to deliver what customers want

THE Consumer Council for Water says Dee Valley Water has made a positive start to delivering the necessary investment its customers want at a price they find acceptable, in its five year plan for 2015 to 2020.

Dee Valley Water is proposing an above inflation increase to bills each year until 2020 in the business plan which it has today (Monday, 2 Dec) submitted to the economic regulator Ofwat.

Through its active involvement in Dee Valley Water’s customer challenge panel, CCWater has been pressing the company to deliver the services its customers want at a price they find acceptable.

Paul Roberts, CCWater’s Local Consumer Advocate, said: “We are pleased the company’s plan reflects customers’ priorities. The proposed price increase will fund the investment needed for the company to continue to provide the reliable and safe water supply that customers expect, at a price they told us they found acceptable.”

CCWater will continue to work with the company to ensure that it demonstrates the delivery of good value for money for business customers in Wales through a clear communication of its investment proposals. And the water watchdog says the company must also present details of the revised schemes it will put in place to assist customers who cannot afford to pay their water bill.

CCWater now expects Ofwat as the economic regulator to scrutinise the company’s costs and efficiencies to ensure customers get the best possible deal.

A final decision on what prices Dee Valley Water can charge customers from 2015 to 2020 will be made by Ofwat next December.

Notes for editors

  • Dee Valley Water’s Customer Challenge Panel is an independent group that was set up to ensure customers’ views were represented as the company put together its plans for 2015 to 2020.
  • Representatives on the panel included CCWater, along with representatives from Citizens Advice, Cheshire West and Chester Council, Wrexham County Corough Council, Sustainable Blacon Community, Kellogs, Federation of Small Business.
  • The statutory regulators in Wales, Natural Resources Wales and the Drinking Water Inspectorate, were also represented.

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