Water Watchdog Welcomes United Utilities Announcement

THE Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) has praised the decision of United Utilities to invest an extra £200million into its water and sewerage networks.

The company’’s announcement has been warmly welcomed by the water watchdog which has been pressing companies across the country to share the benefits of their financial success with customers as well as shareholders.

Andrea Cook, Regional Chair of the Consumer Council for Water, said the company’’s decision was great news for its customers.

““It demonstrates transparency in the relationship between the shareholders and customers of United Utilities and that both can gain from out-performance. We are particularly pleased that not all of the £200million has been assigned. This means that CCWater will be able to discuss other customer preferences and priorities with the company which have been identified through consumer engagement.””

Ms Cook said the extra money had been generated from efficiencies by United Utilities, higher than expected levels of inflation and prudent investment where the company had secured low borrowing rates.

The funding will be used to bring forward programmes to improve the security of water supplies, control pressure management, reducing discharges and improving drains and sewers.