Water Watchdog Welcomes South West Water Announcement

Charles Howeson, Regional Chair of the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater), has welcomed South West Water’s decision to invest some of its extra profit into improving water and sewerage networks for customers.

He said: “I warmly welcome South West Water’s response to CCWater’s encouragement to share some of its success with customers and not just shareholders, although we will need to look in more detail at exactly how this will benefit consumers.

“People who live in this region have an acute understanding of the problems of high bills and the need for investment in making sure we have a safe, reliable and clean water supply and efficient sewerage systems.

“Customers in the region continue to face some of the highest water charges in England and Wales; we will continue to work with South West Water to encourage more investment in the future.”

The money will be used to bring forward programmes to improve a number of beaches in the area, making improvements to the sewer network and in helping vulnerable customers.