Water customers: how much could you save?

Since the beginning of the April, over 2,500 savvy water customers in England and Wales have identified how they could make combined savings of over £250,000.

With water bills on the rise and drought affecting many parts of the country, more of us are thinking hard about how we can save water and money.

By using the Consumer Council for Water’s improved water meter calculator, customers have been calculating how much they might be able to save on their annual water and sewerage bills by switching to a water meter.

The calculator can be found at www.ccwater.org.uk. The latest version has been updated to work on all platforms, including smart phones and tablets – it’s easy to use and based on up-to-date figures; it also has the feature of calculating sewerage charges and surface water rebates, where applicable.

Most customers still pay a fixed price for their water services; however for those who live alone or don’t use much water, a meter may lead to immediate savings. Single people paying an average unmetered bill could save more than £100.

Dame Yve Buckland, Chair of the Consumer Council for Water said: “People can ask their water company for a water meter to be fitted free of charge. They can switch back within a year if they change their mind, or don’t make the savings they were expecting. If the water company find a meter can’t be fitted at the property, it must offer an average charge which may also save customers money.”

Customers who have a meter and are trying to be more efficient with their water use can also use the calculator to see what further savings could be made by making small adjustments to how they use water. There are also lots of water saving tips and advice on the website.

If customers have no internet access they can call; 08457 023 953; and a member of our team will complete it on their behalf.

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